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Don't let a misplaced comma turn potential clients away.

Editing that will polish your blog posts, website, business documents, and marketing collateral.

From $20/1000 words.


Stand out from competitors with clear and concise writing. It's your voice - perfected.

In-depth editing for blogs, business documents, copy, and fiction.

From $30/1000 words.

Content Writing

Solutions that can help you maintain your content marketing strategy.

Keyword research, topic research, headline suggestions, and full blogs.

From $0.12/per word.

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"Fantastic to work with. Teagan was able to put together a great social media plan as well as perfectly capture the voice and look of our brand.

She was highly knowledgeable and knew which questions to ask in order to work out exactly what services we needed (even when we weren’t sure ourselves!) in order to outline how we would reach our goals.

Her editing skills were a lifesaver, you don’t need to be a Hemmingway if you’ve got her on your team!

Ana Sofia Costa
Soulmates Animal Society Inc.

It’s clear from working with Teagan that she has a passion for writing and editing and has great knowledge in the area.

I was looking for someone who would really listen, and make the effort to learn about my business, which Teagan has done.

As a new blogger, with a brand new website, she really gave me the confidence to go for it!

Melissa Gray
BrightBox Solutions

A fantastic person to have on the team. Working with experienced copywriters and strategists on content creation, social media planning and data management, Teagan always had spot on input and was a hugely valuable part of our team. We only wished she could have stayed longer!

Amy Sincock
UX & Content Strategist

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About Me

If you’re looking for an Australian proofreader or editor, you’re in the right place.

I’m Teagan, a trained writer and editor from Adelaide, Australia. 

I have a BA in Professional Writing and Publishing, which means I am familiar with the publishing process and have experience in writing as well as editing.

That means that I totally understand your attachment to your words (whether they’re a blog post, social media, business documents, or your book). I’m not about hacking into your writing and telling you what you’ve done wrong.

I want to work with you. I want to enhance your voice, help demonstrate your knowledge, and show your readers what you’re worth.

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