Hire Me

Do you need a freelance writer for your website content, blog, or publication?

Running a business or website can be incredibly time-consuming.

A quick and easy way to create more time in your day is by hiring a professional writer.

I can help. I specialise in:

  • Writing high-quality content designed to increase discoverability and customer engagement
  • Researching and writing search engine optimised (SEO) and social media optimised (SMO) content so that you rank on Google and get found by your target audience
  •  Using specific long-tail and short-tail keywords to reach content goals
  •  Writing in a style specifically designed for online readership

The benefits of high-quality content

Not all content is created equal.

My content can help you stand out from your competition through:

  • Establishing trust with your audience
  • Building brand awareness
  • Encouraging audience engagement
  •  Brand consistency

my knowledge and specialisations

I write on a variety of subjects, but I’m open to most topics. 

Currently, I write about:

  • Content marketing
  • Blogging
  • Small business
  • Media production
  • Book publishing

Services I offer

Web content – from home pages to product descriptions, I offer keyword-targeted content designed to rank on Google.

Blog writing – keeping an up-to-date and relevant blog can be incredible for your brand, but it’s also really hard work. My writing skills can make your blog stay on-brand and encourage your audience to share, save, and engage.

Proofreading – already have the perfect words but don’t know all those pesky grammar rules? I can polish your spelling, grammar, and ensure you present yourself professionally.

Copy editing – if you have the makings of great content but think it needs work, I’m here to help. I can edit it line-by-line to improve style and structure, reduce wordiness, and improve comprehension.