Proofreading is the final edit before publication. It is superficial and focuses on:

  • Spelling
  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Formatting

Although proofreading does check spelling and grammar, any documents sent for a proofreading service should have been previously edited. 

Proofreading can (and should) be performed on both personal and business projects. 

During a proofread, the editor will ensure that no errors have been missed and no errors have been introduced during a prior edit. It is not an edit for documents with lots of spelling or grammar mistakes. 

Documents should be provided in their final form. They can then be assessed for any errors in spacing, margins, padding, typography, and other formatting errors

Once I have proofread your business or personal document, it will be ready to publish. 

Business documents that have been proofread will reflect your business in a professional light, adhere to your brand’s style guide and general publication standards, and look great!

I offer business editing services for all kinds of documents, including:

  • Blog proofreading
  • Article proofreading
  • Marketing proofreading
  • Email proofreading
  • Website proofreading
  • Product description proofreading
  • and more!
Proofreading costs from $20 per 1000 words.

If this sounds like a service you need, or you want to find out more, contact me below.

Copy editing is more in-depth than proofreading and assesses documents at a line-by-line level.

A professional copy edit checks for:

  • Accuracy and consistency of spelling and grammar
  • Word choice
  • Style – repetitive or long sentences, technical terms, passive voice, use of adverbs
  • Suitability for target audience
  • Consistency
  • Structure
  • Appropriate use of images
  • Misquotations, factual errors, incorrect names, etc
  • Potential legal issues

 A copy edit can enhance your business’ influence on potential and current clients and customers, or the comprehension of your personal documents and manuscripts. 

Copy editing can be integral to the success of targeted content and copy. Although excellent spelling and grammar makes your business look capable and professional, the writing itself won’t always speak to your target audience. By assessing content/copy on a deeper level, you can ensure that your writing really connects with your readers. Not just any readers, but the ones you truly want to work with. 

Copy editing costs from $35 per 1000 words.

If you need copy editing performed on your documents, or want to find out more information, please contact me below.

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With every business small and large vying for connections online, quality content is what separates the good from the great. Unfortunately, generating ideas, researching keywords, writing content, editing, crafting clickable headlines and CTAs, publishing, and then monitoring the content takes a lot of time! Hiring someone to research or create that content for you can mean more time for you to focus on other elements of your business.

There are a lot of reasons to produce and host content relevant to your brand and target audience, like:

  •  Building trust with leads and customers
  •  Improving your ranking on search engines
  •  Demonstrating your expertise and ability to help
  •  Fostering relationships with readers
  •  Communicating directly with audience

Content also comes in many forms, including:

  •  Blog posts
  • Articles
  • Social media posts
  •  Infographics
  •  Emails
I can help you at any point in your content creation process. You can hire me to research, write, or edit. I can come up with topics that reflect your brand and get you clicks, craft compelling headlines, or write content. 

Whether you know exactly what you need or aren’t quite sure, you can contact me below.

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